These paintings and charcoal drawings evoke a reality that is at once familiar and mysterious. Poetic and carefully composed fragments are windows into an autonomous world that continues off the edges of the canvas. They trigger stories in the imagination that can take the shape of fairy tales, or more complex forms, questioning modern-day alienation. References to art history, mythology, and pop culture converge without hierarchical order amid the cluttered remainders of manufactured landscapes, or baroque scenes of nature in glorious overgrowth. The people that populate his work embark on secret errands into veils of falling snow and twilight. His works have a restrained and focused tone, inviting contemplation of this intimate space, silent but for murmurs of the ominous. The Well is the definitive compilation of Aron Wiesenfeld's work of the past 15 years, in beautiful, large-scale reproductions. Introduction by Bruno de Figueiredo.  

12 x 12 inches, 130 pages
3A and IDW Publishing


In dialogue between poetry and visual art, The Other Sky probes the depths of the psyche: childhood roots, reveries, tensions. We find visual art and poems that respond, not as mere descriptions, but as speculative and emotional explorations, incantations, forces of resistance even, driven by strengths particular to poems. This book is unique by virtue of the power, virtuosity, and refinement of its images and the ways the poems work closely with them to create a symbiosis that is larger than either medium alone.

"Their book is one of the finest of it's kind"

-Stephen Dunn, from the introduction





7.25 x 9 inches, 104 pages
Etruscan Press

The Well HC
By Aron Wiesenfeld

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